About Me

I’m a photographer recently relocated back to Texas.   I specialize in portraits and headshots, however, I LOVE lots of different areas of photography.  I’m always learning new things everyday and trying out new ideas.   For me, photography is NEVER boring.   This blog was created to share with you my personal photography projects.  There is another reason as well.  I get asked questions sometimes regarding different aspects of photography, for instance, “how do I get my photos uploaded to Facebook or Flickr,” or “how do I blur the background.”  I will be posting what I hope to be easy answers to these and other questions.   Like I mentioned early on, I’m still learning.  I have questions about photography, Photoshop, and the business side of photography.    I hope to help some of you as well as learn from you and others.

Thank you for stopping by!!  Check out my business website.  www.capturedmomentsbymel.com


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey aunt Mel why don’t you post that one of me crouching on that tree in the botanical gardens? btw its Gavin

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