Does Your Image Change Color When It’s Uploaded to the Web?

This morning I finally finished my first photo blog post.   A problem arose while working on it that I hadn’t experienced until recently.  I’ve been uploading images to the web for a while now.  Never had any problem with color changes.  When I uploaded my images to put in my post, the color turned flat and dull.  Whoa!!  Couldn’t have my images looking like that for everyone to see!  So, I started searching the internet for some help.  I couldn’t find anything that worked for me but not for lack of trying.

Woke up today and decided to somehow find a solution to this problem.  I opened up Photoshop and tried a few different Color Setting options.  Finally, I found a combo that worked!!  Hurray!!!  Below I have listed the settings I used.

1)  Open Photoshop.

2)  Click the Edit menu and go down to Color Settings.

3)  A Color Settings Dialogue Box will come up.

4)   At the top you’ll see the Settings drop-down menu.  Click on this.

5)  Scroll down to North America Web/Internet.  Click on this.

6)  You’ll see that in the Working Spaces box, it changes the RGB drop-down menu to sRGB….

7)  Go down to the Color Management Policies.

8)  On the RGB drop-down menu, click to Convert to Working Space.  Then click OK.

9)  Next, open the image you want to upload.  If it has a different working space than what you just selected, then the Embedded Profile Mismatch box comes up.  Click to Convert to Working Space and click OK.

10)  Then SAVE your image.

After doing this to all of the images I wanted to add to the web, I uploaded them to WordPress.  Sure enough, they were all the PERFECT color!!!  Yeah!!

I looked into setting it back to the best color setting for printing.  The consensus that I seem to have come across is to set the Workspace RGB to sRGB…   That is supposed to be the default for most uses.

Give this a try and see if you find it helpful!!  I know I did!!


36 thoughts on “Does Your Image Change Color When It’s Uploaded to the Web?

    • You’re welcome!! I know it’s frustrating. I have some photos that I uploaded to my website with the same problem. Now I’m going back in and fixing those as well!! 🙂

  1. Hello. I have this same problem when I try to upload HD images to my facebook site and it keeps turning my colors flat and dull. Please help me fix it. Thanks

  2. What about images you are uploading to print? I am uploading images from lightroom to shutterfly, snapfish, etc. and the colors are alllll wrong!

  3. wow! Thank you so much for this tip. I was exporting from lightroom and couldn’t get my head around why the photos I posted to instagram were changing colour from blue to kind of purple! Thanks again

  4. Thank you! Just notice this happening as I post more to Twitter and anything normally viewed on a phone but also to web sites that normally cause me no problems. So glad it is not my fault per se!

  5. Oh my goodness, thank you SO much for this. After updating and uploading my company logo the colours on my website were all miss-matched. I doubt I would have worked out how to fix it without your help. SO GRATEFUL!!!

  6. OMG!!! I don’t know how to thank you!!!
    I had this problem for since like a year ago and I just gave up until I saw this explanation
    Thank you a lot!!!

  7. So strange, I’ve been doing web for YEARS but recently had this happen from a batch of photos a client sent me, it looked ok on my desktop until upload then the color (mostly reds) got washed out. This solved it. Thanks so much.

  8. You are a life saver!! I thought I was going crazy…thought it was my computer…my tablet…my phone… I didn’t know what to do. When I downloaded photos to sites like Shutterfly the color changed dramatically… I followed your steps and have been testing different photos and it has worked!! Thanks for your perseverance!!!

  9. Even 6 years later this post is awesome!! It wasn’t happening to all my pics, but I couldn’t figure why it did for a couple. Looks like that change took care of the problem. Onward with the project! haha Thanks so much!

  10. Thank you so much for this! It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure it out! My pictures looked nice coming from my camera but turned an awful muted color when I uploaded them.

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I have been going crazy trying to figure out a solution and this was it!!!

  12. Wondering if you’ve had to update the way that you save since you posted this. I’m trying to post to Pinterest and I’m experiencing the same issue that you described, but my settings already look to match what you recommended. I had posted there fine a few weeks ago, but now my colors change with each image.

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