New Headshots for Hubby (again!)

Hello to everyone!

If you are a current subscriber to my old blog, you might be thinking “her husband’s headshots again?  Really?”  And that’s okay. 🙂  There is a point to my repetition.  One of husband’s hats is actor, so I’ve taken his headshots quite a few times.  Something always bothered me.  They didn’t quite pop or come off of the page.  Recently I invested in a shoe mount flash.  (Another words, the separate flash you slip onto the top of the camera).  I’ve been wanting one for such a long time.  (Mainly to take photos in very low light situations such as the school auditorium.)  Anyway, this past summer some dear friends got married.  The photographer was using her attached flash along with a cylinder shaped diffuser. It goes over the end of the flash.  Her pictures were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  (Photographer was Lori Paladino.  Check out her site  So my brilliant idea was to get this for myself.  I thought this might be just what I need without having to spend a lot of money.  These headshots were taken with this setup.  It provided me with good lighting but with the diffuser, it spread it enough so it wasn’t harsh in his face.  I’m really proud of these!!  I look forward to creating and playing with my new toy some more!!!


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