Long Time Friends!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  We did!  Now it’s on to making 2013 amazing!!

I’d like to share a recent session I shot.  We’ve all been friends since high school.  Our husbands even worked together at the local grocery store back then.  You know it’s pretty incredible to stay close with people for that long.  They have created a beautiful family with 3 gorgeous boys.  To be able to spend the afternoon capturing these guys was an honor!  (It was hard to choose which pics to post. 🙂 )


DSC_0822_2wm        DSC_0653_1wm







Live Life!!

I shared something on Facebook this morning that I would like to share here with all of you. “Good morning everyone! I just wanted to share something this morning. I know we all hugged our kids a little longer or didn’t want to send them to school at all this morning. I’m right there with you. But I realized something. When tragic things like this happen we have to keep moving forward. That’s how we change things. The best way to honor these precious beings is to live life. For all of the scary things we see on the news and read in the newspaper, I promise you there are many, many more great things happening everyday even though we don’t always hear about those. Stop for a moment and look around, you will see it. So in honor of those precious beings today and everday do something nice for someone and live each day to its fullest!!!

Mighty Mud Dash…and Oh Was It Muddy!!!

So it all started one morning my hubby asks me if I want to do a 5k Mud Run.  I look at him like he’s NUTS!!  First off, I’m a little out of shape.  Second of all, MUD…really??!!  I told him I’d have to pass.  My son, however, rose to the challenge!  I wasn’t going to participate but I knew there was no way I was missing this photo op!!!

Turned out to be so much fun!!  My girls and I, my son’s girlfriend, my mother-in-law and her husband all came to cheer them on.  Not very long into it, we all decided we were IN for next year!!  Hope you enjoy the images of the Mud Dash as much as the guys did getting dirty!!






Now time for clean up!!

Stay tuned for next year! (There might be zombies involved! Zombie Mud Dash)

Getting Into The Halloween Spirit!!

Howdy! (As we say in Texas)

I hope everyone is ready for Halloween!  We are!!  We moved into our new house a few months ago and I’ve so been looking forward to the holidays.  To kick off the season we did our traditional pumpkin carving then onto pictures!  I had seen a video post by Brooke Snow http://blog.brookesnow.com/2012/10/22/halloween-photos/ (her site is in my blogroll) about doing photos before Halloween.  Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before.  What she said made perfect sense.  By doing this the girls had much more fun playing in their costumes and giggling up a storm.  Now come Halloween, I won’t hear, “Can we just go now, mom?” or “I don’t want to take any more pictures!”.  We can head out and they can collect all sorts of Halloween treats!!!!

We will definitely be doing it this way in the future and maybe get even more creative with our background!!  What fun would that be!!

Happy Halloween to all and be safe!!


A New “Old” Place – Ft Worth Stockyards

One of the great things about living in a new “old” place is the cool things that I’ve experienced that I can now share with my kiddos.  One of these places is the Ft Worth Stockyards.  I’ve been there tons of times.  It’s cool to think about the fact that during the late 1800’s millions of cattle traipsed right through there.  It still has that “cowboy” feel.  It’s definitely updated now.  In the old live stock pens, there are shops and restaurants.  Such a fun place to hang out with your family and friends!!!


What a perfect girls day!!!  Stay tuned for our next adventure!!

Headshots and Music!

Hey everyone!

Recently, I had a headshot photo session with a gal who was so much fun!  We spent so much time getting to know each other and laughing that the session flew by so fast.   One of the things I like to tell my clients is to bring their favorite music.  The point of a heashot session or even a portrait session is to capture YOU, which means you need to feel safe and comfortable.  Music helps with that.  We listened to lots of different bands.  (the 80’s were my favorite!)

Here are a few of my favorites and hers too!!  Thanks girl for a great session!!


Getting Settled in Texas

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lag in posting.  Things should be getting back to normal soon.  We have moved our family and are going through all of the adjusting that goes along with it.   One of the great things is we are around family now.  This past weekend we went to the stock show and had a wonderful time!

Stay tuned for the next post!!


Headshots in LA

Hi everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your family and friends!!

I have a surprise guest blogger today.  My hubby!  He’s an actor/writer/producer and he teaches at The Acting Center in Hollywood.  Besides teaching, he does career consultations for actors.  In this article he shares information on headshots that he gives to actors during these consultations.   Thanks!

As a producer, acting teacher, career consultant and actor myself, I know exactly what is needed in a professional headshot that will grab the attention of agents, managers and casting directors alike, in Los Angeles, (or anywhere else), and have been advising actors on how to get this for years.

What constitutes a great headshot is one that captures the actor just being there comfortably.  When an actor is doing their job they are to be the character and live without any attention on the audience that is watching them be that character.  Whether you are in an audition or on a stage or on set, the job doesn’t change.  The actor is simply the character and lives as them.  A great headshot shows that you have the ability to do that by capturing you, just being there, living as you, with different attitudes, without any attention on the fact that you are being photographed.  A headshot like this gives the agent, manager, casting director, producer and/or director the first glimpse that you are able to handle that element of your job, being able “to be,” while others watch.

The headshot photographer that gets my highest recommendation is my wife, Melissa Burns with Captured Moments by Mel.  I don’t recommend her because she is my wife.  In fact, despite the fact that my wife was an award winning and published photographer, I continued to pay other photographers to take my headshots for years.  In the past couple of years I have worked with my wife to help her understand the difference between a great headshot and a great photograph.  While I have no idea how she does what she does from a technical aspect, I was able to help her understand what the finished product of a great headshot was.  She has used this information and her knowledge of camera and lighting to be able to now consistently capture the best headshots I have ever had, and she is now the only photographer I will shoot with as each time we shoot she captures shots that blows my reps away.              


An actor needs headshots that cover a range of characters and looks now, so that their reps have options that best match the characters they are submitting your for.  And as you can see from the headshots above, Mel knows how to do that in spades.

Another crucial element in capturing great headshots, beyond the technical, is being able to be comfortable with the photographer so that you can just “be there” while they get the shots.   This is another area in which my wife excels, and not just with me.  One of the things that endears my wife to her friends is that she is a great listener.  She loves people and loves to help them and is extremely good at creating a safe space in which someone can relax and be themselves, and it shows in the headshots.


The last thing that makes Mel the headshot photographer I would recommend at the top, is her price. 😉  In my opinion, as a producer, acting teacher, career consultant and actor, she is now consistently capturing headshots that are on par with top industry photographers like www.theoandjuliet.com, but only charging $250 per session instead of $800.  This is again because she wants to help people.

With pilot season right around the corner, now is the time to get those great headshots that will blow your reps away and help them open casting doors for you, or to help you get those reps in the first place.  Hit up Mel and get your spot reserved now before she is too booked up, or I talk her into increasing her prices… ;-))

You can see more examples of Mel’s headshots at http://www.capturedmomentsbymel.com/headshots/


Lee Burns

Founder/President Awareness Entertainment



A Day at the Beach!!

So, I’ve been on a bit of a quest lately to find out my style of photography.  What I’m realizing is I LOVE to capture “real” moments, hence the name Captured Moments by Mel.  It’s been right in front of me the whole time.  So as I was doing what another photographer, Brooke Snow, suggested, I went looking back through my photos.  These beach photos jumped out at me.  We went the weekend before school started (this was the first and only time all summer).  I asked myself what it was I liked most about these.  I had captured the girls enjoying themselves at the beach.  “Real” moments with genuine emotion.

Some of these I used both actions and textures, and some I used only actions.  I’ll list where both came from at the bottom of this post.

Textures and actions were used on the ones above.  Textures were from Jessica Drossin Textures.  http://www.jessicadrossintextures.blogspot.com/ and actions from MCP Actions.  (Link below)

Actions from MCP Actions were used on these.  https://www.mcpactions.com/actions/all-actions.html

Thought this little guy was so cute people watching!!

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed these like we enjoyed our day at the beach!!!