It’s All About the Soccer!!

Two posts in two days!  I know!  Can’t believe either! 🙂

As I was looking through some old photos the other day, I came across one of my doodlebug playing soccer her first year.  Didn’t know at the time how she’d do or if she would even stick with it.  Here we are 6 years later and she is going strong!  She is one that wants to experience everything, including every sport there is.  However, it always comes back to soccer.  Nothing can interfere with soccer.  My gal has some big goals in this department that I have no doubt she will one day achieve.  So, I thought a stroll down soccer memory lane might be nice.  Hope you enjoy!








Hanging At A Park In Dallas!

It all started one bright morning in Dallas, TX, two photographers got together and had some fun shooting… photos that is!   Jackie Jackson of JJ Photography Texas invited me to come along on a photo shoot with her.  She is such an amazing gal and photographer!!  It has been a privilege to get to know her! And I have to say, I just love her!  Below are a few of my shots from our fun outing!  Thanks Jackie!







This blog would not be complete without a photo of Jackie herself!!

Beautiful Wedding Day

It was a beautiful October afternoon when they said, “I do!”

Normally I don’t shoot weddings but when asked to do this one, I couldn’t refuse.  I remember getting the call when this gal came onto the scene 20 years ago.  (Not to mention her mom and I have been friends since the 7th grade.)   This beautiful baby grew into a beautiful young woman and met the man of her dreams.  So needless to say it was an honor to capture this special day and be a part of it.

We were afraid it was going to get rained out, but Mother Nature changed her mind and decided to give us a gorgeous day.  The sun was out, the temperature was perfect, and it was time for a wedding!!  Thought I would share some of these moments with all of you!






DSC_0331_1sm            DSC_0332_1sm










Congratulations to the two of you!!  Here’s to a long and loving relationship!!  Cheers!!

Beautiful Day for Family Photos!!

I hope you all are having a fun and action filled summer!!

Ours has definitely been busy! 🙂  During one of my fun-filled days, I spent some time with a friend from high school and her gorgeous family!  Her mom was the cutest thing!  She was always ready to strike a pose.  Loved it!  They were all a joy to be around!  Here are some of the shots we captured that very nice July afternoon!  Enjoy!









Getting Settled in Texas

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lag in posting.  Things should be getting back to normal soon.  We have moved our family and are going through all of the adjusting that goes along with it.   One of the great things is we are around family now.  This past weekend we went to the stock show and had a wonderful time!

Stay tuned for the next post!!


A Day at the Beach!!

So, I’ve been on a bit of a quest lately to find out my style of photography.  What I’m realizing is I LOVE to capture “real” moments, hence the name Captured Moments by Mel.  It’s been right in front of me the whole time.  So as I was doing what another photographer, Brooke Snow, suggested, I went looking back through my photos.  These beach photos jumped out at me.  We went the weekend before school started (this was the first and only time all summer).  I asked myself what it was I liked most about these.  I had captured the girls enjoying themselves at the beach.  “Real” moments with genuine emotion.

Some of these I used both actions and textures, and some I used only actions.  I’ll list where both came from at the bottom of this post.

Textures and actions were used on the ones above.  Textures were from Jessica Drossin Textures. and actions from MCP Actions.  (Link below)

Actions from MCP Actions were used on these.

Thought this little guy was so cute people watching!!

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed these like we enjoyed our day at the beach!!!


RSS Feeds & Reader Made Easy

For a long time, the little orange square indicating RSS feeds made me cringe.  What in the world is an RSS feed?  Clicking on it would take me to a screen with a bunch of text that made no sense at all, further confusing me.   How was I supposed to subscribe to a blog when this kept happening?

This is going to be a basic explanation, not a technical one.

An RSS feed goes hand in hand with a Reader.  First, let me explain about the Reader.   It is necessary in order to utilize the RSS feeds.   In a nutshell, the Reader is a place that holds all of your blog and website subscriptions in one location.  It helps cut down on the incoming traffic to your inbox.  Before I learned about the Reader, I had so many emails coming in to notify me that a new blog had been posted.  Now I just have to open up my reader and there is a list of all subscriptions, and any new posts show up on the main page (Google Reader).

Choose which Reader suits you best.  These are a few of the ones out there – Google Reader, Feed Demon, My Yahoo! Reader.  Sign up and download any necessary software.  These Readers are free.

Once you have your Reader opened up, it’s now time to add all of your favorite blogs and websites.  This is where the RSS feed comes in.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It’s an easy way to sign up for a blog or website.  The symbol for RSS feed or subscription is that little orange box with 3 curved lines.  Some sites have just the 3 curved lines or just say RSS.  Regardless of how it is shown, the same thing applies.

1.  Go to your favorite blog or website.

2.  Find the RSS feed symbol or indicator and click on it.

3.  There are 2 options for subscribing to a site.

a. A screen comes up that asks which Reader you are using.  Find your choice and click

on it.  This will add it to your Reader.

b. If you click to subscribe and a screen comes up with a lot of text that doesn’t make much sense, you will need to subscribe THROUGH your Reader.  (ie.  Google Reader has a         Subscribe button on the upper left of the screen.)  Click on the Subscribe button and type in the URL (ie. of the website or blog you’re wanting, then click ADD.  This will add it to your Reader.

4.  Do the above any time you want to add a new blog or site to your Reader.

Now you have all of your blog and website updates all neatly organized in one place!!  Trust me; it makes it so much easier.  I actually read more of them now that they are all together.

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